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Just got back from West Brom, mixed bag tonight really...

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On the one hand some players put in good performances but some were totally awful. I will highlight areas of insane tactical errors with the tag <INSANE TACTICAL ERROR>

<INSANE TACTICAL ERROR> Todds love affair with Holloway seems to have began again, despite Taylor being suspended there was absalutely no need to play Holloway, any sane person would have left Edghill at right back and just put Emanuel at left back, or even put Swift at right back and switched Edghill out left, but to put Holloway on the right just spelled disaster.

Pettas performance improved slightly today, he made good runs at times tearing into the West Bromwich Albion defense as they at times struggled to handle him, he put a bit more effort in and tried to make more of a point of winning the ball.........however he lost the ball just as much as normal and selfishly took shots by himself just as much as normal. He should have been substituted at half time for Cadders really who is at least slightly better and whom would have looked a bit more interested.

We looked to be holding our own until the first goal went in and then they completely had us under the cosh, the second went in and thought theres no way back into this, but out of no where comes Stevie Schumachers header and bring back hope.

<INSANE TACTICAL ERROR> There was no penetration however as Todd seems ot have repeatedly reminded the players to pass sideways until they find an opening, and if that fails then pass sideways back the other way, then if that fails pass backwards and lose the ball.

<INSANE TACTICAL ERROR> At half time Holloway and Petta should have been substituted, whilst i think the goal may have come from Holloways cross he was completely out of his depth up against their players and he was constantly being embarassed in front of everybody. Petta seemed more up for a scrap today and i think he took a bit more heckling than he deserved this time around but once again he was ultimately serving no purpose and Cadders would have been more of a threat.

For the first 15 minutes of the second half we looked superb, Muirhead had started to come into his own and was too quick for most of their players, Windass missed an absalute sitter. We were firmly on top in this period.

<THE MOST INSANE TACTICAL ERROR IN THE UNIVERSE> Your two weakest players in the team are Petta and Holloway right? Holloway is repeatedly been skinned by Ellington and Earnshaw, often getting nutmegged, Petta either cant or wont tackle most of the time, so it makes sense not to have them on the same flank at any time in one game as it would weaken that side of our team? The last thing your going to do is put two weak players on one flank so they both face up to the mazy runs and trickery of Kanu, Ellington and Earnshaw right? Wrong! Instead your going to switch Muirhead onto the left and play Bobby Petta as a right winger so he sits directly in front of Holloway making on the same mistakes Holloway is times 2.

Then again they hit us on the counter and it was back to 3-1 and from then on there was no way back into it, it was literally a p*ss take at times with them stroking the ball about casually and doing neat tricks on the ball. Our right side was particularly weak.....wonder why that could be? Tum tee tum tee tum...

Windass also had a crap game, having very little influence at all.

Its alright saying we were up against a Premiership side in West Brom, but they didnt look particularly brilliant, they showed off skill in little ways and were brilliant and knocking the ball over the top and catching us off guard. I am convinced if Holloway and Petta had been replaced the score could have been kept a little more respectable. Hell Todd even failed to give the subs a run out when we were 4-1 down with 10 minutes to go.

The biggest plus to be drawn from today was our fans, there only seemed to be about 300 of us but we managed to outsing 10,500 West Brom fans for the entire game. Even when 4-1 down we were making more noise than their fans. Which if anything means that Colin Todd cannot blame us for not doing our part.
seems a good summary that ! , ties In with what i heard on the radio and on the other messageboards.
Swindon next up and a real key match , we need a win and some goals from the front 2 to do It.
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