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Keeper and Centerback shook hands on a deal it would seem...

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On the OMB JP confirms the goalkeeper has agreed terms and we have already heard the centerback has...he says the keeper is just sorting out terms with his current club which i presume means he is still in contract. I think its safe to assume the same of the centerback and thats whats keeping both the signings delayed.

Now makes it all ther more tough to guess who they are :D

One is a 24 year old goalkeeper still in contract with a club who had a decent transfer fee payed for him once and is not massively experienced. The other is just a centerback who it seems is currently in contract which probably means he is out of favour.

That rules out Russel Howarth then. Something tells me it will be someone from a higher league, CT seems to be moving for lots of out of contract Championship players at the moment and he says we are aiming to bring in the real quality that can get us out of this league so i cannot see him taking a risk on the likes of Howarth.

He seems content enough to offer terms to players who have played regularly above our level and could probably get better elsewhere which is definitely good news as it means we are not just bringing in number fillers. Its just a case of being patient, lots of out of good contract Championship players looking for a new team, no doubt most can and will get better deals elsewhere but there will be a few that will be willing to take the risk and drop a league.

Any guesses as to who they are?


The keeper Is from Liverpool I heard and the Centre Back from Aston Villa
Mr.Whippy told me when I bought a 99 today.


'The keeper Is from Liverpool I heard and the Centre Back from Aston Villa
Mr.Whippy told me when I bought a 99 today.'

How much are the 99's? I might get one the next time i see him.
May 20, 2005
Perhaps the deals will be all finalised when Jim Brown gets back from La Man....ooops I mean Cleethorpes! Yes Cleethorpes!!
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