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Lewis Emanuel

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C&B Member
May 22, 2005
The comentators on the radio always seem to slate the guy but from what i have seen he is a quality defender hes not bad at going forward either
I know who id pick if it was between him and Paul 'give the ball away under no pressure everytime' Tierney
May 24, 2005
Hmmmm, Emannuel is a good defender at times, though to be honest, hasnt looked incredibly great this year, our best form coincided when Jacobs was given a run in the team and looked awesome, why Todd didnt play him when he recovered from injury I do not know.

Would like to see Lewis given a good run in the team, he could become really good, after all, when did Tim and 'Stix' know what they were on about!
Needs to learn how to tackle though! At the moment he looks scared to put his foot in. I wish Todd would stop playing him left wing when its obvious its not his best position!
Not open for further replies.