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List of faults from today

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May 21, 2005
1. Why didn't Cooke start-Todd showed he had learnt nothing after the Bournemouth game

2. I hope Claridge is better than his performance today suggests, he did absolutely nothing

3. All the Wigan stuff looks to have taken it out of Windass, he has done nothing in the last two games, partly due to Cooke not holding up the ball enabling him to make his runs.

4. Petta is absolutely woeful, he isn't even half the footballer Summerbee is.

5. Todd needs to take a long hard look at himself after today. Why put Emmanual in the centre, he wimps out of challenges at left back and left midfield, never mind centre mid.

Why bring Holloway on for Petta, what could that possibly give us when we're chasing a game?! Especially when our only target man is sitting on the bench, absolutely ridiculous.

6. Haworth is a shocking goalie. The goals against Bournemouth were his fault, it seems he is incapable of shouting and/or commanding his box, again he could have done better with the goal today.

7. WHy didn't Todd look bothered. Last 10 minutes he was sat on his ass, legs crossed, doing knack all.

If Todd doesn't sort some of the above points out prepare for a season of nothingness.
Not open for further replies.