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Looking for Bradford supporters

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I am looking for a football supporter from each of the 92 league clubs for a photography project entitled 'Tribe: Class of 05/06' and I would really like to find a Bradford supporter who stands out from the crowd.

My web site is www.lifesaball.co.uk which will give you more of an insight and my contact details.

I really need a supporter from Bradford, is there anyone who springs to mind?

Thank you for your time.

Best wishes




C&B Member
May 18, 2005
BantamMatt. said:
Yes i was thinking that too, i havn't seen Charlie for a while though. Since the blackpool game.
He was in the Bantams Bar on Tuesday night, I think he's had some kind of operation on his leg so he can't get up and run over to the linesman to argue his point anymore. The steward was having a bit of banter with him with regards to being in the posh seats which was quite amusing.

Sterling Archer

I really envy those who have never met you.
C&B Member
May 21, 2005
Economic traveling migrant
Not bad for you that Beer..:D .

The good thing though is im back soon and im sure to meet you...I am sure that lookalikes of you wont be hard to find mate.....Stand by ....Enjoy your 5 mins of fame whilst you can still hisde behind your computer...:D


C&B Member
May 23, 2005
Saltaire (for now)
Thorney said:
Charlie stands out from the crowd.
Charlie has had an operation on his knee, hence him being in the B.Bar !!
What a nice bloke tho - although havin said that he was in fine form on Tuesday nite !! At least he gave us some entertainment ! :D

Beer :-
I would of said that Parrot stood out the most....
Mongolian goat herder
So thats what the feathered one does when hes not allowed into our company !!!

Lets just hand over Parrot and Jimbo - whoever it is will have their hands full with those two !!! ;)
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