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Low crowds? Their the same as last year!

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Yes we have a lower average attendance so far this season but if you compare our attendances against these teams last season it tells an entirely different story...

05-06 04-05

Southend 8,250 6,929 Peterborough

MK Dons 7,315 6,409 MK Dons

Bournemouth 7,621 10,263 Bournemouth

Chesterfield 7,351 7,590 Chesterfield

Yeovil 7,826 8,209 Torquay

Colchester 6,891 7,851 Colchester

Teams no longer in this league have been subsituted for teams of similar size promoted from league 2 that we have played this year.

Their are no major differences except for the Bournemouth game where it was free entry for kids.

My point is crowds are lower because we have played all the teams with less attraction at the very start of the season.

Julian should stop getting his knickers in a twist because if we continue in the two wins, four draws vein of form then i think the crowds will be exactly the same as last year.
TBs game will push the attendance average up!
If he's that worried about it, he should have a manager who can get us to win more home games rather than one who thinks teams should come to VP & let us win:rolleyes:


The attendances will start rising again once we start playing the home Yorkshire derbies.

I think this season is a case of being patient...i am unhappy at our home performances like anyone else and i will start calling for Todds head if it hasnt improved by January.


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Aug 25, 2005
We have 2 less derby games this season so i knew our averages would be lower than last season unless we played exceptionally well!! which we havn't so we cant expect more people to attend VP unless we improve our football there.


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May 27, 2005

The other fact not mentioned is apart from Chesterfield (may be wrong) all the home games have been against opposition from down south - who do not receive large attendances normally at home. The second half of the season sees us play more teams from the north/midlands at home - which if we are around the play offs should increase the average attendances - so income should increase.
Found the statement about attendances a little bizarre considering this and our erratic home form that hardly encourage the fringe supporters to return.

It is also bizarre that we play all the teams - some distance away at home in the first half of the season at home - does not help clubs that are struggling financially. It would be helpful for clubs and suprorters financially to spread out the fixtures
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