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Matchday Moving seats for one game

Aug 14, 2012
Does anyone know if it's possible to move seats for one game from the sunwin into the Kop?

And how I go about it?
As far as i know i think you can or at least you could do in previous seasons. If they still do you need to take your season ticket to the ticket office and exchange it for a paper ticket then collect your season ticket before the next match.

If you are unable to go down or don't want to risk a wasted trip might be worth ringing the ticket office or emailing them.
Aug 29, 2012
I have done this previous seasons, went to the ticket office, was given a ticket for the seats we required and then had to leave our season tickets at the ticket office which we collected later that week


C&B Member
Jul 8, 2013
Up in the hills and far away
Yes it's possible, instead of going in the Sunwin, walk straight past, go up the steps then down the other steps, that will fetch you to the kop.
I thought you would have added. ‘You can take a spanner, unbolt your seat in the Sunwin carry it to the Kop and see if there is a space where you can secure it. Do not forget to return it to the Sunwin for future games’. Now that would have been comprehensive advice!
Feb 25, 2016
I'm planning on doing this for tomorrows game as well. I called the ticket office and they confirmed I'd have to leave my season ticket card at the office and they'd issue me with a paper ticket for the new seat in the new stand. They charge a fiver for the privilege and I'd be able to collect my season ticket again in the next week.

Hope that helps.