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My Hp Sauce Bottle Has Told

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May 27, 2005
Me Colin Todd has until the 26th November to improve performances and results.The meeting was rather Saucy and Spicey as Todd said "He wouldnt change the way he manages the preperations,ingredient selection,addatives and all his food substitutions would not change as they compliment the dish". JR said "hes not happy with his head chef and the punters at the resteraunt are leaving in droves as the food has become stale,boring and tasteless".
JR finished with the right topping "If things dont change by the 26th november im bringing GR in,(thats Gorden fook//g Ramsey to you lot) to see if he can bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the Kitchen known as VP.At least hes got some bottle and can spice things up."
Not open for further replies.