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My Thoughts

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May 18, 2005
Well i decided to piss my wife off and spend my last bit of money till next month on watching City. Four minutes in and 1 down ... Thoughts .. Here we go again .... then the penalty ...oh fuck £30 wasted on this saddle of crap again ....

Bridge Wilkinson gets a goal back ( a very good one too ) ..... Then the second half .. we conceed a 3rd goal ..... oh heck i thought about 5-1 i reckon .... But for once Todd went for it ..... I don't care what people say about this bloke and even myself he did throw caution to the wind and brought on Claridge ...

Claridge was the difference maker without doing much at all ... People may think i'm daft for thinking or saying this but his mere presence caused our come back .... He led the line like Deano is meant to ... stood up to the challenges and forced there wing backs into staying back.

Cadders got the freedom to roam .... and he did the role well .... scaring the Brentford defense and forcing the brentford midfield to sit back and protect the defense .... Bridge Wilkinson then got more roam and the comeback was on ....

Today Todd got it right with his changes .... even Windass acknowledged he was right to be taken off.
Not open for further replies.