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My Views of Today

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May 18, 2005
The game overall was quite entertaining if indeed you were a neutral. Its not hard to see how Brentford are at the top as they played well and hold their shape well too. We at times seem to have no shape at all and at times this season we have had several midfielders in front of the strikers.

Throw ins - They take far too long, by the time we throw the ball back into play the opposition has got back into position. Our attacking throws find our strikers having to come back and receive them which then means we have no forwards in the box when the cross comes in.

We seem to be improving as far as free kicks are concerned now, mainly due to MBW

Now I move onto the players:-

Ricketts - He is without a doubt a great keeper, yes he makes some dodgy kicks but he seems to get away with it.

Holloway - Yes he’s a liability, but he did little wrong today.

Taylor - Solid, but offers nothing going forward which is one of our main problems.

Wethers and Bower - Solid as usual

MBW - This is more like it played 32 scored 8, one of the most gifted players to pull on the claret and amber.

Kearney - He seems to be improving, but is it quick enough for us.

Emanuel - Is it me or has he grown a pair of balls, one of my main hates with Lewis was that he bottled tackles. He’s toughened up and it’s made him a better player.

Schumacher - Sorry chaps, I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. For me he is one of the most overrated players at City.

Windass - 200th game for City today, what a way to mark it. :rolleyes:

Cadds - Impressed me today but then I got to thinking, yes he ran around like a man possessed, but how many balls resulted in a chance??? He in my opinion isn’t a striker 81 games player 8 goals scored backs me up.

However he showed a fire in his belly today that made me think (on the wing) he may just get back to the Danny we saw a few seasons back.


Muirhead - If he could provide a cross he would be a great player.

Brown - Didn’t see enough to get too carried away, but one thing that struck me was he seems strong, one thing that lets Forrest down. Early days but we shall see.

Claridge - This wont be popular but today Claridge did everything in them few minutes that Deano should do. He chased the ball and he pressurised the defenders, his celebration when we got the penalty showed me how much he cared.

To summarise I would say the fans and players won us a point today, not Todd. We got wound up and they got wound up. That carried us through and that got us a draw.

At the moment this is the team I would like to see at home at least to get at the opposition.






Edit - if Windass doesnt improve id put MBW behind the front two and put Morrison in midfield.


May 18, 2005
Claridge did what he was asked todo and did it well.

Sterling Archer

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May 21, 2005
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Good post that BoTO, after reading threads on other sites that seems a fair reflection of events....Unless of course you sit in a certain area of the ground then a totally different game was seen;)


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May 18, 2005
My opinion of yesterday is as follows.

The 3-3 result papers over a lot of cracks which were there for all to see.

With the exception of Marc Bridge-Wilkinson the midfield is woeful. Due to the midfield the Attackers don't have any chances created for them which leads to Cadders and Windass tracking back to create their own chances leaving no one up front. Lewis in not a left midfielder and didn't do anything untill he was put in to fullback his natural position. Bridge-Wilkinson is also wasted on the wing and needs to be given a central role. The defence is also exposed to constant pressure due to our weak midfield.

All 3 goals yesterday came from set plays which seems to show the lack of creativity coming from the midfield.

The good things to come from yesterdays game was the never say die attitude from our players, the performance of Cadders and Bridge-Wilkinson and the look on the Brentford keepers face at full time.

The quick taking of the free kicks needs sorting out, many times the balls are played aimlessly and sometimes to players who don't seem to expect them. As the chances created by our midfield are at a premium it probably is better to try planned set pieces.

I actually think we are a worse team than we were this time last season and the reason for that is the poor showing from our midfield.

White Lion

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May 19, 2005
Also players in the box is a must, how many times do they wanan just stand and watch it go whizzing over to the other side of the pitch?
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