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Negative Todd?

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May 21, 2005
Just been on the official site and seen a story in which Todd says we need the treat the game tonight as an AWAY game?!

To me this is exactly why our home record is so terrible, when at home the home team is expected to take the initiative and attack the away side-especially against the so called 'lesser sides'. When this doesn't occur the home crowd get restless which translates to both sets of players, the away side pick up their game and then we find it much more difficult-as seen in the MK Dons game.

There is no doubting that away from home we are good at coming under pressure and attacking teams on the break-often to great success however at home it is an entirely different matter-one that is unlikely to improve if the manager himself is saying we need to treat it as an away game-something that blatantly hasn't been working over the last few seasons.

Having said all that I still think we'll win tonight :D
Spot on BAP,

These are the games where we should go at em all guns blazing!
We will outscore ANY team in this division as long as the players believe so.

I hope behind the scenes CT is installing this believe into his players, rather than the negative sh/te he's said to the press.
Not open for further replies.