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Only seven day's till....

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....next season's fixture's!

Can't fecking wait! The new season doesn't seem that far away when they are published.

Everyone build's themselves up against the first opponent's, win & were gonna get promoted, lose & were going down! lol

BTW Who do you think we'll get?

I'll go for Swansea City at V.P!
BantamJay said:
Bournemouth away. Nice sunny day on the coast!
I hope not, I like to be able to get to the 1st game of the season.

As long as it's at VP or north of Watford, I won't be complaining!
May 21, 2005
Weren't we meant to have Swansea at home after the first few fixtures were released? The FA didn't deny it either-just said it was unconfirmed
Hope to get the long away fixtures out of the way first, that will give us a better run at the season....hopefully someone who does the fixtures (even though we all know the are done by a computer..at random) will not give us stupid away trips at crimbo!!!
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