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Petta to turn on the style against the TB's?

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Whilst he has had a poor start to his Valley Parade career to his credit he has taken the critisism on the chin and admitted he was not playing well. Nicky Summerbee would have been swearing at supporters and starting fights with them by now...Petta has taken it on the chin and said he will improve.

To his credit he looked a lot more involved at Doncaster and when he ran at them he cut the Doncaster defense to ribbons.

I have often heard that Petta turns on the style for the cameras and when theres a good atmosphere he rises to the occasion...Celtic fans said that when he played in an old firm derby once he was so on his game that Rangers right back Fernando Ricksen had to be substituted after 20 minutes.

My feeling of doom has lifted slightly now and as Bobby Petta's form seems to be improving i think were going to see a cracker of a performance from him on Monday night. With Huddersfields defense looking wobbly hears to hoping that Bobby proves the doubters wrong.


C&B Member
Aug 25, 2005
Mallorcabantam said:
Lets hope the home fans cheer him on, he knows they have been on his back but he is still out there giving it a go

What else is he going to do? hes in it for the money. He aint going to tell Todd he dont want to play because hes getting abuse, as long as his banks rolling it in he dont care how much bother the fans give him!
May 25, 2005
Belgian Flanders
Petta was astounding in the first half. A bit frustrated in the 2nd. Overall worth a 7 or maybe 8. Claridge was the same. How he stood up and played after (Carss I think) stamped on his ankle I'll never know. I thought it must have snapped.


C&B Member
May 20, 2005
Petta was amazing tonight at times. Maybe it was because the TV cameras were there. Claridge was also brilliant until he tired towards the end.
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