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Player / Wages Budgets ?????

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seems strange that many folk on here are saying we have the lowest wage budget In the division - Just how do these people get this Information ?????
I reckon we are nowhere near the lowest , given the fact that Jimbob Bowen said there Is still room to manouvere on that front ( just don't ask about 4,000 stadium seats in a lock up though ).
Last season I predicted we would do well and we did , although we gave up the chase with 6 games to go I recall.
This time around we have stuttered bar the away win at Hartlepool and the home wins over the MK Dons and Chesterfield - my predction for this season Is for us to finish In 6th place and win the play offs - more than likely CT at the helm , but It's going to be a roller coaster ride at home matches and thats down to the way we play / tactics.
Not open for further replies.