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Please dont start Petta and Cadamarteri on Friday...

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So now they are back from injury but please for the love of god do NOT put either Cadamarteri or Petta back in the line-up against Tranmere.

I have a feeling Petta could become one of Colin Todds favourite players that he plays week in week out like Holloway despite being useless.

Not denying Petta has talent, but he does not give a crap and to be quite honest i would not raise an eyebrow if in January we paid off his contract and released him to bring in a different winger.

Lets face it dropping Petta will do sweet f.a as he was dropped from the Celtic starting line-up for about a year and a half and never looked that bothered when he was given a chance.

I'd sooner play Emanuel on the left wing than Bobby Petta and thats saying something!

Cadamarteri does not seem to be putting the effort in either...he is supposed to be the pacey striker we have wanted but has anybody actually seen him break into full pace yet? I've seen him in all the home games he's played so far this season and i just have not witnessed him running.

Your more likely to see Bigfoot doing the Charleston than to see Cadamarteri breaking into a sprint :p


To be fair, Cadders didn't play enough games last season.
He looks unfit, he is unfit.
I'd like to see him where he looked most effective for us in his last spell with the bantams...on the left instead of Petta but he has to lose some weight and get fit.
Lewis managed to get past his markers and to the by-line a couple of times against Chesterfield but he simply cannot beat a man in the dribble and is not a winger IMO, infact I despair of him cos I don't know where we can really say he is competent.
beerbantam said:
Muirhead should be starting on the left from now on, as that is where he has been creating the goals from.
The position which concerns me is Right mid, its all too easy to put Ben in there as its his 'natural' position but as i just said - he is doing damage on the left, which leaves the following choices for the right mid spot;
Ben's been playing on the right-wing this season,
He played on the left last season!
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