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May 18, 2005
Hopefully it will bring in a bigger crowd Thorney and i can only assume the costs will be cheaper. Didnt they police say something about wigans crowd trouble
The situation with wigan is quite bizarre

Wigan said they were being overcharged and in fact proved that their games have on average twice as many police as any other team in their league!!

This say the police is necessary because Wigans fans cause more trouble than any other fanset, hence the extra cost.

So even though boro may attract more fans they still wouldn't need as many police as they do to control the wigan fans.

Wigan and the police eventually came to an agreement to defer payment until the summer...however knowing WHelan this willl end up in court as he is a very very stubborn man and fundamentally disagrees with the charges (i for 1 feel he has a case)
Not open for further replies.