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promotion, ha your having a laugh!

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C&B Member
May 28, 2005
just got back from seeing another useless display.............its getting worrying now that not only are we crap at home but crap away as well! All this talk of promotion, ha your having a laugh!
Blackpool made a mess of the seating by telling everyone to sit where they wanted instead of where it said on the ticket resulting in all the latecomers not being able to find a seat and then getting into arguements with the steward and the cops and a few lads getting throw out!
As for the match itself we never looked up for it again, I suppose CT can claim that there was no MBW, Kearny and that Schuey only lasted 30 mins, probably brought back to early and now out for even longer.
Petta! what a waste of space, never took a man on, always passed back or sideways and then pretended to be injured to get off, if it was possible I would sack him but as we all know its not that easy to get rid of a footballer, so looks like we will be stuck paying his wages.
Cadders and Deano can't seem to play together, DC should have scored in the first half but messed about trying to get the ball on his other foot.
Colin Todd, spent the last ten minutes sat back with his hands behind his head and his legs crossed like he was on holiday, why wasn't he up and trying to drive the team on? Did he realise he would be wasting his time.
We could see the Blackpool goal coming and I wasn't at all surprised when they did score.
And what must poor old Cooke made of that, desperately needing a goal and who does CT put on but Holloway, and before that even old man Claridge got on and did nothing, whats that all about?
Well at least the sun was shining and we saw the tower, I am just glad we didn't sit through that performance in the cold and rain with no roof over our heads;))!
Not open for further replies.