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Proof of CTs Incompetance?

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At Barnsley yesterday we played with passion,desire,imagination,creativity, attacked them from the off & played at such an high tempo that Barnsley couldn't cope with, so WHY aren't we playing like that MOST games?

The main reasons in my opinion was the midfield pairing of MBW & Schumacher wgo bossed the middle of the park for most of the game, Barnsley couldn't cope with their mobility!
I think Crooks as been good this season but yesterday showed that we don't need a "Holding" player in this League, something Beerbantam & BG said on another post the other day, which I was sceptical of at the time, but yesterday proved their point!

Then there's the absence of Mr Horrorway, the less said about him this season the better, CT must be breathing a huge sigh of relief today that "Goldenboy" Horrorway Isn't back next week or he'd have to make some bullsh/t up about goalscorer Hedgehill been injured or sick next week:mad:

Morrison & Muirhead destroyed Barnsley on the wings, Cadders was back to his best, terrorizing the Barnsley defence with his strength & pace, if Deano had, had his shooting boots on we could have been 3 up before they scored!
So back to my main point, we played brilliant yesterday but IMO it was by default & not by CTs management, as KB said the exclussion of Crooks & Horrorshow forced CTs hand into picking the a team so attack minded we looked like we'd score every time we had the ball.

I just hope CT has LEARNED by yesterday's performance, more display's like that WILL bring the fans back to VP, thats for sure!;)
Yesterday showed how capable we are as an attacking force in this division, the yardstick was raised, if CT can't get us to play like that more often then he should be replaced by a manager who CAN!!!


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May 23, 2005
Saltaire (for now)
Thats just what I said yesterday ! IMO the team played like that in spite of CT not because of him ! I think they went out to prove a point and they did.


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Aug 7, 2005
Where did you hear this Mr. Beer? If CT does this then i think he's lost it a bit. Mind you the more defensive tactics do work a bit better away than at home.
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