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Public enemy No1?

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OK boys & girls, the ghost off Christmas as granted you a wish, who at City do you want rid off before the New Year?

Remember, one CHOICE only!:D

1. Colin Todd

2. Darren Holloway

3. Lee Crooks

4. Julian Rhodes

5. The rest off the Board

6. Moaning City fans

Remember, one vote only!;)

Parrot Votes... Colin "Mike Bassett" Todd, the Toddmeister himself!!!:mad:


C&B Member
May 23, 2005
Saltaire (for now)
Parrot said:
Whats up Rick, you been drinking again?:D
Only time you slate CT & Co is when you've had too many shandy's;) :D
Actually I think im rite in thinkin he's done quite a bit of slating recently ! or mayb hes always drunk :eek: will we eva know !! lol
May 22, 2005
I have to say spare a thought for those who were at tonights game. I have just spoken to my Son and Daughter who are on the official mini bus not coach as advertised heading back to Bradford. The coach left Bradford at 17.00pm and not 15.30pm as advertised. They Arrived at the ground at half time had to pay in ,and then had to see Bradford dumped out of the L.D.V.
Not once did Todd mention the travelling support after the game,he was to upset for the players playing 85 minutes with ten men.
He should take along hard look at his playing staff and boot out those who cost us games through poor discipline like Crooks. Put a few young ones in ,my Daughter said Joe Brown was great when he came on.She also said Petta was Garbage again.
CTs an arrogant arsehole, never gets the players or indeed himself to clap & appreciate the fans:mad:
GET RID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
Not open for further replies.