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Quick report from those not able to attend tonight

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May 18, 2005
Like I said this is a quick report so here goes,

We started off well but slowly started to take Chesterfield on at their own game. Deano had a header over from about 6 yards and Emanuel had a drive from the lefthand side of the goal which rattled across the face of goal. The rest of the first half was a statemate with both teams playing long ball football but when city played football rather than long ball they looked the better team.

Second half saw a much improved performance with city creating good chances, Deano saw an effort saved whilst one on one and Cooke saw a certain goal disapear as the Chesterfield player made a last second goal line clearance. I felt it was a bit unfair that as soon as Cooke went off city went one nil up, the ball came in from the left wing and bounced to Windass in the box who struck it to the keepers left in to the corner. Shortly after Claridge should of made it two as he beat the keeper one on one only to see his shot trickle wide. The second came after a knock down by Deano on the edge of the box Bridge-Wilkinson came up and lashed home a shot from just outside the area low to the keepers right.

Overall a job well done, a good second half performance and a deserved win. The crowd of 7300+ suprised me as there were only about 400 Chesterfield fans so a good turn out for the lads tonight which no doubt many will of been sent home very happy add to that an unexpected 4-1 defeat to Huddersfield at home:D .
May 18, 2005
Mallorcabantam said:
Yep, cheers for that, good game and a win but not many comments
Thats because we won MB ;)

An all round decent game for me and more importantly a good team performance. A few points:-
  • Howarth looked better if a little shakey but made two good saves.
  • The defence looked solid as ever with Taylor and Edghill getting special praise.
  • Midfield was far, far better with Brilko and Lewis in it, Petta may struggle to get a start
  • Cooke and Windass is the best starting forward line we have and i think todd should stick with it.
  • Todd made the right substitutions and got the tactics spot on.
  • Claridge justified his signing and could be of real use, maybe he will be our supersub.
The only moans i would have is that we still didnt look sharp in front of goal, Deano included until late on and the goalkeeper still looks a little weak (but he did player better.)

Another concern i have is if either Bower or Wethers are injured we could struggle, but why worry about that now. Overall a good game not a classic but it was job well done and a thumbs up to the crowd.
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