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  • Yes, good Idea

    Votes: 9 100.0%
  • No, keep it as it is

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Do you think the lower leagues should be Regionalised?
I think that below the Championship, we should have North & South divisions.

This should ensure more derbies, bigger away followings, better atmosphere & massive savings for both club and supporters, cutting out those lengthy away journey's.

In lower league footballs present financial state, I see it as a common sense step in the right direction.


C&B Member
May 27, 2005

How many would be promoted 1 from each or 2 from each - the third in each region having a play off. The play offs as we have now would have to go - though I suppose the finalist from positions 3-6 could play a grand final. This would be an additional game - but would mean more revenue. mmmmmmmmmm might not be a bad thing.
Think it *may* be a good idea. However promotion would be harder to achieve. With only 3 places for the Championship the regional leagues would be very hard to get out of.
May 22, 2005
The powers that be should set up a working party and explore this venture.It could prove to be a financial saviour to clubs like Exeter and Torquay for example,who's gates are poor when playing northern opposition.
The L.D.V.cup is divided into a North and South competition so why not the league.One day it may happen who knows untill then Yeovil v Bradford on a cold Tuesday November night sounds none to appealing,still theirs always the radio.
Roll on the 23rd of June,Fixture Day 2005-2006.


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
I'm looking forward to Bournemouth, Southend, etc but instead of regionalisation a bit of common sense such as stoping 500+mile round trips on evenings wouldn't go amiss. I think we took about 100 fans to Bournemouth last season because it was on a Tuesday in december, switch that to August or May when we played Hartlepool, Stockport and Oldham put the game on a saturday and instantly we times the away support by about 5. More common sense is required by the people who compile the fixtures before regionalisation is considered. An advantage of the way it currently is that it also allows exiled bantams to see the team, I be guessing that about 70% the 100 at bournemouth on the tuesday in december last season, currently live down south.
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