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Ricketts to miss next 2 games..

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May 18, 2005
Bradford boss Colin Todd will be without goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts for Tuesday's Carling Cup first-round clash at Rochdale.

Ricketts went off in the 1-1 draw with Rotherham at the weekend with a foot injury.

Todd said: "We did think it may be broken but hopefully it's just badly bruised.

"I would guess we're looking at about 10 days out for Donovan."


Gives Howarth time to impress the manager to keep him in when Ricketts returns.
May 25, 2005
Belgian Flanders
I bet Howarth is gutted. Really embarrassed at the prospect of keeping the goalie's place for a while.

Not at all hoping for manager's interviews such as "Well, after a performance like that, how can I drop him?". He'd hate that.
I think Howarth will take this oppertunity to make the position his own. From what i have heard of him at Rotherham he looked good so a good run in the team should only build his confidence.

Heres to hoping that we have another star here e.g Matt Clarke rotting in Sheffield Wednesday reserves a supposedly dodgy keeper...

Afterall we seem to have a knack at finding good keepers.
howarth is nowhere near as good as ricketts, i gave henderson six months- to do what ricketts has done in three matches, howarth let 4 goals in against nottm forest and i'll even (metaphorically)shit meself against rochdale with him in net, thinking of signing a third goalie, or a loanee-
whereas henderson and ricketts were evenly matched, there is a class gulf between ricketts and howarth, only a bit of bias could attempt to fill it-
he was protected by wetherall and bower in the rotherham game
Not open for further replies.