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Right back postion?

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May 24, 2005
Where does the future lie for City in this postion?

I have to be honest, i'm not the biggest fan of Darren Holloway, he makes far too many mistakes, and his passing is atrocious at times, he gets away with messing about on the edge of his box, and one of these times hes not gonna get away with it and look a right fool.

Now, John Swift, whenever he has played for City this season, I have been very impressed by this guy, I remember a game (Think it might have been vs Hull?), he came on when Atherton had an absolute shocker (as usual!), and he didnt give the ball away, and was excellent in the tackle.

Now im not saying he should go straight in the 1st team, but please city, give your youngsters a chance (That goes for Bentham and Forrest as well).


May 18, 2005
Darren Holloway is like many of our players, Plays better away from home when the fans aren't on his back.
Apart from his distribution I think he's a good defender. I remember the Hudders game away when they crossed the ball to the far post and it looked a certain goal and Holloway quite dangerously managed to head it backwards out for a corner. If that were Swift in that postion he wouldn't have been able to do that, simply hasn't got the height.

Still think Swift is quality and I think he should be played on the right wing
I agree with just about everything you said there BMF!

I would like to see a new Right back brought in with Swift being the understudy, but hopefully with more starts than last season.

As for Holloway, I get the Impression he thinks he's to big for this league, hence the silly chances he takes on the edge of his own box!

If he starts respecting opponents in this league he may come good, If not ship him out!


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May 22, 2005
What we need is to bring back either Edds or Molenaar they would surely not let anything past them
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