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So Petta likes to believe he's the best player on the pitch? Good!

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Petta says he feels it is important to go out every game believing you are the best player on the pitch. Some may take this as big-headed arrogance, however i think its a refreshing change.

This man has played at the highest level with Celtic, he has played in the Champions league and with Fulham in the premiership and Ipswich. It at least shows us that he is confident, big ego's are fine as long as they have the talent to go with it.

Yes so it seems he only signed a short term deal with Darlington to put himself in the shop window...and he spoke of swallowing his pride. He has signed a 2 year deal here ensuring his commitment, from his comments it is still clear he wants to play at the highest level possible, he seems to have realised now that the only way is to work his way back up with another club. In short if he does not put the effort in here he will never get back to where he wants to be.

As BFB say confidence has a part to play in football ability...and if he wants to think he is the best player in league 1 it can only help his performances really.
Lets hope he plays as good as his big gob sounds!
Last player we had who "bigged it up" to the press was Zema Abbey! lol

Maybe he said the same things when he joined Darlington, he may feel deep down he's too good for us & this division.

Well the only way to proof that Is on the pitch, so if he's sauntering about while he's playing for us, I'll be the first to bollox him!

IMO I feel he has the talent to shine in this division, but has he got the enthusiasm & commitment to match?
One things for sure, the VP supporters don't tolerate slackers, so Petta be warned!!!


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May 21, 2005
I remember watching him at Portman Road when playing for Ipswich, he tore us apart and I thought then what a brilliant player he was.
Now if he can acheive that sort of form he'll be the new Beagrie but if not it's 'the return of Summerbee' and like you say Parrot the city faithful won't like it.

This is going to be interesting.


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C&B Member
May 18, 2005
Mallorca, Spain
City supporters are allways very quick to make a jugement,
I just hope the crowd will give these new players a chance to prove themselves
I am really looking forad t'start ut'season
Taken from a Celtic fan.

He is as tricky as The Times crossword! Out and out left winger who was signed for Celtic by John Barnes. On Martin O'Neills Old Firm debut (a 6-2 victory) Bobby Petta was so on his game the opposing right back (Fernando Ricksen) was subbed after 20 mins! Lol!


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May 19, 2005
I personally don't mind a a degree of arrogance and ego from a good player, shows they have some pride in their talent. However, like Parrot and Stevie, swanning around on the pitch thinking you just have to turn up will not do at VP, he will still have to work hard, and if he gets a chance to show off his talent and footballing skills the crowd will love him, we have always like footballers with talent.

The way to get city fans on your side Mallorca is too keep your mouth shut, and show how good you are; if on the other hand you think you have it no matter what happens then do what Petta has done, tell the world and get out there and just do it; there will be no moaning from city fans if he has the talent, ability and workrate to match his eagerness to tell the world he is back!!!

Sterling Archer

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May 21, 2005
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Typical really, why should i of expected anything less....

The guy said he feels it is important to go out every game believing you are the best player on the pitch..

This doesnt make him arrogant or anything like that.... It says hes a man who sets high standards of himself.... He didnt actually say he is the best player did he... Now that would be arrogant....

Hes a good player with a great background... Will that stop people whining and moaning about this and that no ...But why should anyone expect City fans to change.....


C&B Member
May 29, 2005
Just been listening to Petta on Radio L33ds and he sounds asolid down to earth lad, knows the game,keen to do well, I liked what I heard and I am so looking forward to the start of the season, this is Colins side now so lets see what we can do, and its up to us fans to get behind everyone right from the start and stop moaning two games into the season, lol fat [email protected]@@@ chance/ :D


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May 19, 2005
yes well you do sit in the sunwin, lol

now that is where the largest contingent of moaners reside, is it not Sunwinman.
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