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Some great Todd threads on the CG

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May 24, 2005
Between the devil and deep blue sea!
Had to post this un - seems to sum up the feelings of most folk i know.....:D

"Beever_bring_on_Zico Posted on 28/11 17:08Email this Message | Reply Todd says "blah blah blah feckin blah" Ahhhh, the oracle has spoken.

Briggus brought us the "brick wall" but Todd Todd the big terd Log says we still wouldn't have scored even if we were playing now!

That is the only bit of sence the snoozathon borefest of a manager has said. Even if the lads were still out on the empty VP pitch he'd still go for caution , 11 men holding, no full backs or central midfielders going forward of the strikers, both forwards either back to goal or coming too deep.

The guy is a boreing womans front bum pee thing who is slowly strangling any excitement out of VP.
He's stuck in the 80's when a Zzzzzzzfest, eat your own foot type of 0 - 0 , wey feckin hey "a point" meant summat when you only got 2 points for a win.

His negative "please someone stamp on my left bollie so at least I know I havn't died and gone to hell" style is about as dated as his grandad sprayed-on haircut.

Passion, passion and FREAKING ENTERTAINMENT is what we need. It's what we fooking need after 5 years of feeling like someone has pulled the innerds out of your ass hole with a rusty coat hanger.

Wingers on the bench yet no width????????
Get sent off 75 times in 2 weeks, facing 5 match ban and you're dog wind = You play??????????
Have a half decent game and then dropped???????
Score a goal when all the other feckwits can't and you go back to the reserves?????
Play like you can't be assed and being never subbed??????
Work your knacks off and you never get a game?????

That big feck off white van with square wheels need to come and pick up Mr Todd Todd the big fat terd Log, put him in a nice cosey jacket with string at the back and let him bore the foam out of a padded cell.

I hereby put my well earned money on the fact that my big fat milky butt could do a better job than that idiot and I bet it has better breath."

The Master

Wannabee Toff with a cheeky smile
C&B Donator
May 20, 2005
wonder what JR was thinking on Saturday evening ????? , we are going down like a ship hit by a torpedo.
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