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Southend tactics

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Should CT change the team in any way for the next 2 home games against so-called lesser teams?

This was our "achillies heel" last season, maybe we might need a bit more pace on the wings, or move BMW into the middle?

Our wins against Brentford & Bournemouth at the tail end of last season came when BMW was in the middle, getting into the box with his intelligent runs.

Maybe Muirhead or Cadders coming into the side to gives us more pace on the flanks?
Or should we stick with the team that played/battled so well up at Hartlepool?

IMO the Southend game is more about us taking the game to them & playing attacking football rather than sitting back & breaking like we did up at Pool!
May 18, 2005
Whatever we do we need to remain solid at the back. If you remember at the MK Dongs 4-1 loss we were on top for 30 minutes but lost concentration and shape which resulted in a collapse. Any attacks we have need to be accurate and hopefully result in a goal.
All we should have to do this season to score more goals than the opposition, Is to get a decent amount off balls upto our forwards/wingers.
I cant honestly say(Bristol City apart maybe?) that i'd swap our attacking players for any from other clubs in this league!
Also If we can keep almost 20 clean sheets this year, we should go up automatically, as I dont see us not scoring in that many games this season!.:D


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May 18, 2005
Would keep it as it was at Hartlepool to start off with. Keep the defence tight and our attack should be too good for them. Bring Cadders on with about 20 mins to go aswell to charge at them with his pace.


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May 27, 2005

If fit the only change I would make is morrison with perhaps muirhead making way on the bench - cadders provides the option of pace - morrison has the trickery to unlock defences and seems to be a better finisher than ben muirhead.
May 22, 2005
Southend will come to Valley Parade and will try to kick City up in the air just like Peterborough did last season. They are a not the most attractive opposition we will play this season,and onTuesday we just need to be up for the challenge physically.City to win by a knockout.

Sterling Archer

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May 21, 2005
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I think they will come and go for a point... Bodies behind the ball and try to counter...

I cannot see it being pretty unless the lads just go and try to blast em out early.....
Should Parrot be City manager?

Parrot said:

Shame CT doesnt read these posts:D
Maybe he does?;)

Shame he didnt change them before the Southend game, we may have had 9 pts now!
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