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Spineless, gutless & lacking in any sort of passion, just about sums up the debacle that was the teams performance yesterday!
Add to that a manager who looked like he was sunbathing on Ibiza beach & do people wonder why there are so many disgruntled City fans this morning?
CT Is quickly turning into the "Sven Goran Eriksen" of League One, showing no passion, tactical ideas or enthusiasm, which now looks to be rubbing off on his players if yesterdays no show was anything to go by!
What was his reaction to them having a man sent off? NOTHING, he couldn't change his system or anything, carry on regardless & hope for the best.
As soon as they went a man down, I knew the best we could hope for was a draw, CT as NO IDEA how to chase a game, DEFENCE is king as far as he his concerned!
Now onto the players, Howarth isn't good enough, his positioning is suspect, Holloway will NEVER make it at City, Petta's workrate was ABYSMAL (All the Summerbee knockers have got what they deserve!), Deano is playing like he wishes he was at Wigan & who can blame him with a manager who puts Lewis Emanuel in CM! Lewis as yet to make a tackle in his footballing LIFE!

Im not calling for CTs head yet because hopefully we will turn the corner, but If & when we do I feel it will be more by LUCK than CTs footballing acumen!

Sterling Archer

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May 21, 2005
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Re posted here as it fits

So i got it slightly wrong in that i forecast windass to be injured after the 450k offer was rejected.

Instead he is just mentally injured by the thought of what could have been...He needs a short sharp shock to re focus on where he is and what hes all about...

The best thing Toddy could do (wait for it) is to drop windass to the bench for a game... Get him kicking and screaming to get back on that pitch...

Im sure the longer it goes without a goal, the more the Windass lovers will start to turn, and the thought of what could of been with ALL THAT CASH will come out in words of "We should of got rid and got the cash".

It will happen people in the same way players are being slated now..

May i remind you that we have made exactly the same start as last year allbe it that one win was in the cup not the League..

Didnt we even though we only won one in sept then move up the table...

Now lets see where we go next month before forecasting doom and gloom... Two wins next month would even us out points wise three wins would put us in front of the curve...

Its WON over a full season people not the first six cob web blowing matches..

I will bring this and other posts to the top again come October to show you lot where we were last season compared.. W e surely cannot do worse than sept last years...



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May 27, 2005
Tony you are right of course re sprint - marathon - but I can see the other side of the coin - and wht City fans get annoyed. We have had to take some shocking home form for a number of seasons - a lot of losses with bad performances. Some of it acceptable with the state we were in financially. But the trends to fade in the second half is there again / run out of ideas is reappearing at home again - so I can see why many are concerned.

My main short term worry is that we have no experienced creative central midfielders at the moment who can get on the score sheet- unless he plays Windass there (where he is likely to pick up more bookings - re tackling). It is a pity we could not secure the services of Paul Shaw (rather than Claridge) who would can play in midfield.
Not open for further replies.