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Squad Numbers

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Holloway changed from 14 to 2
MBW changed from 36 to 8
Cooke from 34 to 9
Symes from 8 to 14
Holloway's CTs best signing, according to CT.

Hopefully we may see the best of Giveballaway next season......Im not holding my breath though! lol


C&B Member
May 22, 2005
i thought that holloway played well last season. well compared to atherton


He's not targeting a right back so I think Holloway will be number 1.
I don't think Todd has confidence in Swifty, when Holloway was injured he played Atherton instead so no doubt it'll be Holloway in the right back position
I disagree Beer. In the long term shirt numbers like you rightly say mean jack. But, it's fair to say most managers originally allocate numbers 1-11 to the players they have at the time that they feel will be in their starting line up.

Personally I'd be interested to know if Lewis is 3.
Are them numbers official or just for pre-season?
Seems a bit early to publish them before any signings ect...
Thank god Crooks is no 12 then! lol
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