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Stew Peas from reggae boys

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May 31, 2005
Could not resist a player ratings post
Rickets-7/10 not much could do about the goals and saved a couple good shots.
Stew Peas-3/10 easily had a hand in all 3 goals for Guat.Absolutely no composure at this level.
Davis-3/10 not on the pitch too long and seems to have taken up Goodisons off the ball antics.EEDIOT ting at this level.
Marshall-7.5/10 held the back line pretty well. Good job for the most part on Ruiz.
Scarlett-8/10 gave good width oon the left and was a constant threat.Defending could use some improvements.
Sawyers-7/10 defended and defended.Not spectacular but effective.
Hue-6.5/10 drifted in and out without real effect. Still unfit at this level.Took goal very well.
Andy-7/10 provided good passes from midfield and worked very hard.
Kari-7/10 played his role rather well in front of the defense.Was very effective all night.
Fuller-6.5/10-got a sitter to score but missed a least 2-3 clear chances. The type he misses at Portsmouth all the time.Carries the ball well but a poor finisher.
Shelton-9/10 MOM-gave them hell all night until he was injured.Took goal well and put lots of pressure on Guat defense all night.A good all round effort.
Daley-OK but still is too raw at this level.Could easily have gotten a red card for an over the ball tackle (
JJ-OK and even passed the ball a couple of times.
WD-7.5/10 did well with his subs.3 points in the bag but will need a better defence
next game.
Ralph-5/10 could have scored 2-3 goals but was


May 18, 2005
What makes me laugh is how people under estimate countries like Latvia, Austria, Peru etc ... does nobody remember how close Greece took England at Old Trafford? 2-1 up in injury time ... Beckham equalises and gets us to Japan/korea 2004?

Doesnt matter if it's San Marino or the Fareo Islands (Ask Rep Irelands fans) there is no longer an easy International game no matter what we as fans reckon ...

The Jamaicans are hardly are a team that are world beaters ... they arent exactly ranked very high are they?

Sterling Archer

I really envy those who have never met you.
C&B Member
May 21, 2005
Economic traveling migrant
Ed said:
Doesnt matter if it's San Marino or the Fareo Islands (Ask Rep Irelands fans) there is no longer an easy International game no matter what we as fans reckon ...
Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Malta, Faroe Island, San Marino, Scotland, Lybia, Iraq, Scotland, New Zealand.... Oh and Scotland to name but a few...

Guatemala as well...Worse than any team Jim Jeferies could assemble...
May 19, 2005
I quite like malta, they have a decent striker with a cool name lmao

Adrian Mifsud
Finished 3-1 to USA. Might see Ricketts and Stewart in next friendly!

Stew peas got booked again and USA missed a pen but I dunno if it was saved by Ricketts
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