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Suprises this Season

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C&B Member
May 18, 2005
With the season 2 months old what have been the suprises in your eyes so far this season?

For myself there have been a few things as follows,

1. The form of Lee Crooks, I'll admit to not being a fan of the fella but he has played well this season and deserves credit, recently his form is the best I have seen from him during his time at Valley Parade.

2. Andy Cookes goalscoring record, It doesn't seem fair that someone who has looked good whenever he plays doesn't have a goal to him name this season, I'd of though he would of had a couple by now but none this far into the season is really suprising.

3. The Away Support, it has been nothing short of superb this season. Massive followings round the northern area, I didn't expect as many as I saw at Doncaster, Blackpool or Rotherham this season so it has suprised me, maybe it's not much of a suprise to you lot but it has me.

4. The form of Southend and Scunthorpe, I thought our defeat against Southend was an awful result but since then they have gone from strength to strength so it's not really as bad looking back on it as it was at the time.

5. Bristol City & Tranmere, what can I say, how many expect them to be down the bottom end of the league, I'm sure they'll pick up but they are two teams I thought would be up at the top all season long.

6. Taylor, for his age he is a solid full back and plays well beyond his years.


C&B Member
May 27, 2005
How Dodgey Howarth has been in goal,i thought he was a terrific prospect when he was a youngster.Now i think hes lost his way and lacks confidence.
The thing that surprises me most though,is the fact i have not enjoyed watching one game at Home.ive walked away feeling let down and dissapointed.:(
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