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Tim & Sticks on the Pulse

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I wonder how long it will be before CT bans these two from their post match interviews?
The commentary might not be to the liking of most people but whenever I've listened to them they seem to come across as passionate City fans at heart.
Both make intelligent observations of the way the team is (miss)set-up & can easily spot CTs short cummins as regards his lack of tactical acumen.
After every game Tim Thornton usually asks the same question/s that most sane City fans would ask the manager in his position, this usually infuriates the arrogant Turdster, but how long will CT let these guys show him up on the radio?
Keep up the good work Tim & Sticks;) CTs an arse!:mad:
May 20, 2005
I thought opinion of pundits and newspaper reporters weren't a valid source of information on events?? Or is it a "when it suits" scenario??
Chucklebantam said:
You're going to have to stop following me round this board like a bad smell BaP, even if I was an arse bandit, You're not my type!!
Well we all seem a bit selective on certain subjects dont we Chucks(see above)? I thought "following people around the board like a bad smell" was the sign of an "arse bandit" Chuckle?:rolleyes:

Or Is that "only when it suits you"......Sir?;)

BTW Your not my type either:eek::D
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