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Todd Pmsl

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C&B Member
May 27, 2005
After slating Colchester and their managers tactics,saying "They came for a point and got 11 men behind the ball.Tactics like theirs will ruin the game and made it a non-event."
Well Todd you thick ******* **** look where they are sat now.Top of the league and looking good for promotion.I certainly wish we had him as manager and not Todd aka Nicky Law.
Well he may have slated Phil Parkinson for been too defensive but a few games later he put out the most defensive City team i've ever seen at Forest when we struggled to get out of our own half most the game:mad: , against a very average Forest team:mad:
But how can we compete against teams like Colchester with their massive wage bill, big gates,star players ect....?:rolleyes:
Not open for further replies.