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Todd+Team will be under pressure from the word go on saturday

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So it seems anyway judging by the amount of moaning going on already.

Im going to make a wild stab in the dark about what will be said on the message board on Saturday evening in the event of the following scenarios:

We get thrashed: There will be dozens of posts calling for Todds head

We get beaten comfortably: Dozens of posts calling for Todds head

We lose narrowly: Dozens of posts calling for Todds head

A Lucky draw: Dissapointment with some posts calling for Todds head

Draw that we should have won: Chronic Dissapointment with some slitting their wrists and pedicting doom and gloom with one or two calling for Todds head

A lucky win: Most will be relieved but some will be dissapointed that we didnt deserve it and a few will be predicting doom and gloom

A comfortable win: Vast majority will be pleased but some will only be satisfied as they expected no less.

We thrash them: The same people saying he's a crap manager will be kissing his a*se and saying he's the best manager in the league


C&B Member
May 27, 2005
DBantax,even if we win i wont be doing nothing of the sort.Colin Todd is not a good manager,if he was we wouldnt have lost nearly all our home games last season and we wouldnt have lost last night.Also if he was a good manager he would not give Holloway the right back shirt,he would have given it to Swifty.To prove a point i bet he doesnt play Swifty when Holloway is injured,my guess will be Hedgehill or that Stewpot who didnt even look like a footballer from last nights evidence.
Fact of the matter,Todd can a assemble a good team,but he cant motivate one.
Not open for further replies.