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Where are all the "Todd-ites" tonight?

4 home games lost before December!
9 League goals at home this season!
5 points from relegation!
Horrorway plays again!
Boo's at final whistle!
Players humiliated by CT in the papers!
No Creativity!
MBW hasn't changed our results at home despite what "Todd-ites" were saying!

Get someone in NOW JR, we could still make the play-offs & get to Cardiff in the LDV if he acts now & gets rid of Mr Defensive & hires Mr Motivator!

A few posters on here could see this coming, the rest are either football numpties or don't attend the games!

As It stands CT is taking us KNOWHERE fast, what have we got to lose with a NEW manager?


May 18, 2005
Wasn't there boo's at half-time too?

Todd has to wonder why Petta and Morrison can't be arsed.
Well Im glad "You've seen the Light" BOTO;)

The times of anti-Todd posters been ridiculed are now GONE:mad:

Who can defend him now?

Only those who don't understand footy, or absentees!;)

I wish we were winning, I really do, but it ain't gonna happen under CT:mad:


C&B Member
May 20, 2005
I must admit that even out here in the far north Todd is starting to irritate me. He's had time and it ain't working. If we are in the lower end after Xmas, we'll be in a relegation battle, something I never expected at the start of this season.
Again can I ask all those who hate Todd, how do the club pay him off? Who would replace him? Who of any true potential would want to come to City with our poor rescources?
It's depressive thinking about it.
A dream alternative would be to get Roy Keane as player manager, but like a lot of things at City things like that ain't gonna happen for quite sometime.


C&B Member
May 27, 2005
B-I-N mate i cant say owt,but watch this space Todds contract is till june and would cost £40000 at the most to pay him off,but relegation will cost us our club.
Parrot said:
groan, groan, spurt, spurt.....thanks man, got any tissues?:p :D
Sorry i'm all out :D

Back on topic I don't have an answer to the 'How to get Todd out on the cheap' question, or who to replace him!

I think the only option, if Todd decided to resign, would be one of the players as manager to keep the wage bill down.... (Although McCall has been mentioned I can't see him coming while Sheff Utd are doing well)

The Master

Wannabee Toff with a cheeky smile
C&B Donator
May 20, 2005
I'm sure there would be a sackful of applications for the managers job at VP , my own choice would be Stan Ternent with a player coach alongside .
As others have said £40k or financial chaos awaits us with relegation .
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