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Toughest Fixture to date

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May 21, 2005
Forget Forests 3:0 drubbing at Yeovil, and our game against Huddersfield, I believe Saturdays fixture at the City ground will prove to be our hardest test so far this season.

They have won four and drawn one of their last five home league fixtures.
They have something to prove in front of a 17,000 + crowd.

They best ploy City can adopt is either score early and frustrate the crowd that will be getting fickle at their overall inconsistancy, or stifle their play in midfield make the game crappy and again cause fickleness in the crowd.

A clean sheet here would be a huge boost for us.
Certainly with the return of MBW in the not too distance horizon

If we do get the points at Forest, then l will confidently believe we are capable of mounting a serious concerted attempt of reaching the play-offs, or more in a very mediocre division.

We may even be responsible for George Burley taking charge of them next week!!
May 21, 2005
Oh BTW Chucks, I agree wholeheartedly with the first half of your letter in the T&A, I'm not totally in agreement with the second half of it, although I can understand where you're coming from in parts.
May 20, 2005
This is the original version, The T&A swapped the two subjects around and edited the juicy bits;

Two letters caught my eye in last week's Sporting Letters .

The correspondent that bemoaned the lack of an acceptable level of customer
service at Valley Parade is spot on. Sadly he may as well bang his head
against the proverbial brick wall. We have a board of directors who will use
the emotional blackmail of "reduced budgets" and "we may have to release
players" to try and encourage more people to pay admission fees. This is
because they are too lazy to address the real problems as to why people
don't want to come anymore. In recent times the supporter has been the
target of blame from various personalities for one thing or another
regarding the woes of the club. It's time those who allegedly run the place
came up with a few solutions to these problems and justify their positions
at Valley Parade instead of just seeing the supporters as a cash cow.

The disrespectful manner in which the customer is taken for granted from
boardroom level right down to the match day staff is the reason for the poor
gates. When those in control make an effort into making a visit to Valley
Parade worthwhile, then maybe attendances may take a turn for the better.
Getting behind the home team is actively discouraged by the safety team,it
takes four or five attempts to even order something as simple as a cup of
Coffee at the kiosks and the bar staff in the Bantams Bar consider anyone
wanting a pint an annoying intrusion to their Saturday afternoon natter.
It's reasons like this that has diluted my attendance to games this season
and it appears I'm not on my own.

As for the reader who was calling for Colin Todd's head, I'm flabbergasted
at the lack of understanding that Bradford City supporters can demonstrate.
At the time of writing, we are in the top six of League One. Why replace a
manager who is making the best and playing to the strengths of his very
limited squad of players? The pool in which we would fish for a new manager
contains uninspiring names like Andy King, Bobby Williamson and Brian
Tinnion, not Stuart McCall. In case people haven't noticed, Stuart already
has a job with the runaway leaders of the Championship.

Replacing Todd would be football suicide for Bradford City. He may not be
perfect. It may not be pretty. But this team of rejects, journeymen and
youth players hasn't hovered round the play off places for two consecutive
seasons by accident. Show me another manager that Bradford City has the
facilities and budget to attract that could do what Todd has managed with so
little to work with. The team can stutter by on uninspiring 1-0 victories
and pick up hard earned points all the way to promotion for me. The only way
exciting and entertaining defeats will get us out of this division is
downwards. Then the moaning will REALLY start won't it?
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