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Unlucky today lads, excellent in 1st half

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Just got back from the match, absalutely soaked!

Felt we were very unlucky today and looked a class above Southend until we had a man sent off. Even after conceding the goal we still kept going at them and some of the passing movement was the best ive seen at Valley Parade in a long time.

Petta worked fairly hard and if he lost the ball fought to win it back. Taylor looked decent.

After we got a man sent off it was a sucker punch although throughout the match there were still glimpses of the passing movements shown before Holloway walked.

They seemed to have Windass marked down very well.

Damion Stewart looks sheite. The next Jason Gavin...except maybe worse:eek:

Very good crowd tonight. We just didnt take our chances and once again Cooke has proved he cannot get more than 10 goals a season. Missed another sitter today.

Cadamarteri didnt look all that brilliant, people were saying he would rip teams to shreds but same as ever, a lot of running with no end product.

Despite all the negatives i thought the passing was immaculate at times and if we keep on playing like we did before Holloway walked except next time take our chances we cant go far wrong.


May 18, 2005
I didn't think Stewart was shit, He wasn't brilliant and dont forget he was playing his first professional league game in a position he doesnt play. He was very nervous, but looked cool on the ball in the oppositions half, just looked nervous in ours...

Bridge-Wilkinson showed some good stuff until the second goal went in, Stockport fans were right about him, when the going gets tough he cannot be arsed. He was all over the place until that second goal then just gave up and played the easy ball everytime.

Cadders, i'm not sure what his role was but he wasn't used right. He should of sat behind Windass and pushed petta back outside were he was doing some damage.


Oh and also their keeper Flahavan is a complete c*ck. Im going to go to the Southend away game just for the satisfaction of sitting directly behind his goal and baiting him. I dont care if it costs me 50 quid ill have got my satisfaction.

Windass went in for a volley at a tight angle and Flahavan landed on top of him, seemed to pretend to headbutt Windass and refused to move until the referee intervened.

Deano will have the last laugh:D


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
Thought we looked ok before the sendin off. After that MBW couldnt push forwards as much as he usually does which meant we lost some creative play further up the pitch.

Petta and Taylor look to be really good signings, not sure about Stewart but he did look nervous.


'How did we look class before Southends goal? We looked ordinary against an ordinary team '

Harsh in my opinion Matt. I thought we played some good stuff but didnt take our chances. If you look at some of the balls being played the passing looked very good at times.

I think it will come good in the end.
I thought both teams looked good going forward tonight, unfortunately their defence seemed more durable than ours!

Stewart looked like a disaster waiting to happen ala Ricketts IMO, although it may be unfair top judge him in such conditions/circumstances.

I said on here earlier this week that we should change the team/tactics for tonights game, unfortunately it looks i was right!


C&B Member
May 31, 2005
Lets face it we played some pretty football until the final ball where we won nothing Windass looked ordinary he was well marked we need a strong targetman to take the weight of and to get on the end of a few crosses.Until he realises this we will hover around midtable all season.
stewart was like lawrence in defence, in a difficult situation, more to come, we haven't seen that much


C&B Member
May 19, 2005
Far too early to judge Stewart, he looked a bit niave and shakey, but he was up for it.

I thought we played some lovely football in patches tonight. But for me we forgot the first rule of football in this league, which is no matter what opposition, you have to work your socks off, ie be first to the ball, we didn't do that tonight, they did. They played tough, and we allowed them to bully us, which you can't do either.

I couldn't see the tackle from where I was, it looked a certain booking, but not sure it was a sending off.

Anyway, no point in sulking about it, we just have to get on with it, but I do hope we are not going to sink in the rut of saving our wins for away matches. We need to get the attendance up, and the only way we can do that is by winning.
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