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Whats the feeling about Todd tonight?

Whats the feeling about Todd tonight?

  • Sack him now

    Votes: 8 100.0%
  • Keep him

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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I wanted the baffoon out before, nothing to do with tonight's result, always up against it after fat lad got sent off after 5 mins!
Sounded like we bombarded them at the end with JoBo having good chances but at the end of the day we lost to a team 7th from the bottom of the Conference!:mad:
CT Is also in charge of the discipline at the club, another area where he's lost the plot & now we'll have a hefty FA fine to pay!:mad:
Is he trying to ruin the club on purpose FFS?
The question Is now can we afford to KEEP Todd, never mind GET RID?:mad:


Former Modfather
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Jul 8, 2005
In exile
He's hanging onto a tiny piece of flotsam at the moment, about to drift out into darkness, will the lifeboat reach him first?
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