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Who really gives a flying fook if Town are top of the league?

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I see thousands of town fans are having orgasms in their pants at the thought that they are top of the league as it seems that their petty desire for revenge after our double win last year has finally been fulfilled.

I for one could not really give a t*ss, i couldnt really care if they were promoted. If anybody actually considers Town our main rivals i think they need psychiatric help.

Theres nothing hateable about them, theres plenty to laugh at (like the ones that actually think that they are our main rivals). Their fans are very much like ours accept they have a few more hooligans and are more bitter and obsessive. On the whole though they are good eggs.

I think a lot of the hate from Town fans is due ot the fact that they are 'supposed' to hate us. The Kilner W*nk is full of petty no brained teenagers who have never asked themselves why they hate us but just do because they think its what they are supposed to do...this leads them to be unimaginably bitter and twisted.

Bradford-Town derbies have about as much passion as my farts...and let me tell you that my farts are NOT thunderous, they just stink and are mildly annoying and potent, much like the obsessed Town fans on the City Gent.

Some Huddersfield fans seem to suffer from 'Sheffield Wednesday syndrome' whereby they become dillusional that they are a big club and that the whole of football revolves around them, it can even lead them to conjour up imagined rivalries.

So if any Town fans come out with 'Were a massive club, were top of the league and your not hahahahaha' just shout big donkey d*ck i dont give a crap. Dont give them the pleasure of thinking that we actually care.

I dont care whether they are promoted, the only team i really wish bad upon at the moment are L666s and there are thousands of reasons why i hate them...
Not open for further replies.