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Why do i get a feeling of doom when i think of the coming monday?

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Is it because the Puppies have been scoring for fun all season and we constantly concede leaky goals and our keeper is rubbish?

Is it because our keeper cannot kick or throw and constantly gives it to opposition players when udner no pressure?

Is it because we have no cutting attacking edge with Bridge Wilkinson injured and Windass suspended?

Is it because its a Sky game so we are bound to humiliate ourselves?

Is it because our team have no guts or passion and if we go a goal down they will curl up and die?

Is it because their form is either WWW or WDW?

Is it because we have been incredibly lucky to get anything out of the last 3 home games?

Or is it because im a miserable pessimistic buggar?

Probably a combination of all of those. But with our leaky defense and poor keeper we have been due a thrashing for some time...why do i sense a game like the Sheffield United home game in 2002/2003? 5-0 loss anybody?
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