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Windass in midfield

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C&B Member
Jun 20, 2005
On Saturday when we were struggling in the second half I thought it would have been a good idea to put deano in midfield and play cooke & cadds up front.My theory being that the two centremid's dont get in the box the two wide players never get in the box,it would have given us a better attacking option.
Btw, has anybody else noticed that when one of our wingers is crossing the ball the winger on the other side never makes a run to the far post? It was something basic we were always taught as kids(i must have a good memory).
Anybody have any opinions?I'd be interested.

Wahki Nells

Wahki Nells
C&B Member
May 28, 2005
good thoery, we played deano in midfield for a few games a couple of seasons back and he was playing some peaches of passes getting the front 2 in on goal, he probably would of made a good difference on saturday. Ive noticed that about the wingers too, its really annoying and the amount of balls that go into that area we could have far more goals, it is a very basic error and one thatct and bd should address.
In the top two leagues Windass has often functioned best in attacking midfield sitting behind the front two, our problem in the Championship lats year was that Nicky Law was playing him as a number 9 targetman type player. I know we are pretty much doing the same in league 1 but we can get away with it as the defenses down here are mostly cack.
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