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Word fro the top needed!

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Come on Julian Rhodes & the Invisible men in the Boardroom, we need some comforting words or guidance in these dark times!:mad:
Not since John Docherty was at the helm have I felt so low about going to VP, my trips there are now full of dredd & drudgery:eek: , usually ending up with me sitting it out in the Bantams Bar for the 2nd half, unable to stomach what passionless, defensive football is on offer at the VP table these days!
Forget tonights result, this as been coming for a long time, just some Idiots haven't seen it till it was too late, falling attendances, fans against the players, players against the fans, fans against the board, board that treats the fans with derision, discipline record that shames the name of BCFC, were now a club on the verge of imploding! The silence from above is now fuelling the fans revolt:mad:, were a team & support in free-fall yet the board seem to plod along regardless!
The time as now come that its gonna cost too much to keep CT than to get rid of the IDIOT!
Come on Julian & Co, show us who's in charge at VP & act now, the muppetts had enough time, we the fans have finally LOST patience! :mad:


C&B Member
May 18, 2005
If I have time later today I think I'll E-mail the T&A and see if I can get a letter published and I bet I'm not the only one who sends a letter requesting his removal.
Not open for further replies.