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Youth Team

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May 25, 2005
The Netherlands
Noticed the end of season review from last season on BfB.
Makes for some interesting reading:

Coming through for next season

  1. Pushing to be in the starting eleven at twenty next year will be the season of John Swift.
  2. Balding central defender Sam Denton could be City's brightest spark this season with the Le Boeuf-esque song "His Mum cuts his hair and he is every-effing-where..."
  3. Ever wondered why Steve Schumacher had to be on his game week in, week out? We are still waiting for the break through of City's own Zidane Tom Penford but he is coming - Schumacher be warned.
  4. John Swift is good but word has it Danny Ellis is better.
  5. I predict a riot, I predict Kevin Sanasy.
Todd's job: What the gaffer needs to do to make City a promotion outfit next season

  1. Make sure he augments his first team squad with the likes of John Swift and Tom Penford. It cost City £300,000 a year to run the youth set up and Todd needs reap that harvest and improving the quality of those players by allowing them access to the first team squad.
Five things we need to build on next season

  1. The kids. We have a chance to build a squad which is not bloated with senior professional or jobbing players. If we get the contracts right we can have a conveyer belt of talent and not a bottle neck of hopefuls.
  2. This is the last second chance we have. City need to make sure that this time we have learned the lessons of financial mismanagement and City fans need to think before they call for the cash to be flashed.
May 25, 2005
The Netherlands
All of which has not happened. Todd has let the youth system rot. It's all very well giving chances to on loan youth players like Taylor but that's helping Boro out and not a long term solution for us. It is also standing in the way of seeing if Mani can prove his early promise has not got down the s#i##er.
He has given chance to Schumacher which is also all very well but that's about it. It is showing that he's ready to chance his arm on players who have come through the ranks at other clubs but to hell with any from our own youth system.
Some lads have gone out on loan, ok that's what they need but take a look at Sanasy. He's done ok for the reserves and youth team and he's told he can leave on a free. He decides to stick around and fight for his place at the club, has a good ealy season for the reserves and is rewarded with Todd signing a 40 year old. So he goes out on loan as well.
Swift has been left out in the cold it would seem despite ample opportunity to play him.
As for the rest, only Joe Brown has been given a sniff.

What a waste of 300k per season.
May 20, 2005
Oh heck Dutch...you've commited the cardinal sin of cutting & pasting.

The mods will make you slide down a giant razor blade using your balls as brakes.
Aug 8, 2005
Wonder how this team would have got on this year, I suspect probably no worse than we are at the moment. It includes a mix of experience and youth and would certainly have saved us a few bob in wages. Would it be good enough? I guess we'll never know!

GK: Ricketts
RB: Swift
LB: Emmanuel (Taylors wages could be used elsewhere)
CB: Wetherall
CB: Bower
CM: Schumacher
CM: Penford
LM: Tesco
CF: Windass
CF: Sanasy



Wahki Nells

Wahki Nells
C&B Member
May 28, 2005
Im not convinced with frodo but anyones better than giveaballaway
as for pendore i dont know why this lad hasn't been given a chance in recent weeks when schuey has been abysmil?? i really rate him and think he may be the answer
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