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Youths lose after 9 game winning run!

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C&B Member
Aug 25, 2005
After hearing about the youth teams recent performances i thought id take a trip to valley to parade to see them play non-league Dunstan F.B. It wasnt an entertaining game, unless you like watching a match full of "taxi"s as they would say on soccer AM.
1-2 the final score, an O.G from Thornton been the decisive goal.
City should have won this game, we were the more threatening team. Crosses were coming in from all over the place but mostly there was no-one on the end and if there was it usually resulted in a poor header. I dont know how the youths usually play but i suspect this was a bad day at the office. If im honest they were poor today. Non of them shone through. Dunstan players were delighted with the result which they should be!
Not open for further replies.